How to Request an FBI Background Check on Yourself

If you believe that there could be incorrect information on your FBI “Rap Sheet” or more correctly your “Identification Record”, then you will need to make a request to get hold of it. You do have a right to do a criminal background check on yourself but you do have to jump through some hoops to obtain it.

If you are thinking of adopting a child or you are required to disclose any criminal record you might have to get a job then you might need to make a request for your criminal history record. Of course you are more likely to want to do an FBI criminal background check to prove that you have not got a record.

You can request a copy of your identification record on the FBI web site at You will find all the instructions that you need to complete the forms, make the request and get it processed.

As always there is a fee payable. You never get anything for free these days. You must include the fee with your application. At the time of writing there is a nominal fee to cover administrative costs.

Perhaps the hardest part of the application form is the fact that you need to send in a full set of your fingerprints to prove that you are who you say you are. In this instance, a drivers license and a utility bill just will not be enough.

Fingerprints have to be taken carefully so that they are clean prints and you must fill in a fresh fingerprint card too. There is a lot that can go wrong if you do this yourself so I suggest that you go down to your local law enforcement office and find an expert fingerprint technician to do it for you. This should avoid any possible problems with the process.

Can you get an FBI criminal background check on someone else?

You can not get a criminal background check done on someone else through the FBI. The application must be done in person and if you are trying to get one done for someone else then you would need to get a full, yes all 10, set of fingerprints. You need to be pretty determined just to get your own rap sheet, it would be close to impossible to get one for someone else without their knowledge.

Free criminal background checks

Nothing is ever absolutely free I know and you are not going to get as complete and accurate criminal background check on yourself as you will direct from the FBI itself. But you can look up criminal and arrest records, arrest warrants and a lot more information by doing your searches using public records, online. You can do it really quickly too.

It can be a very affordable alternative and it can potentially provide you with a lot of diverse information that you might not get from the FBI. This could be bankruptcies, civil judgements, email addresses, property records and other interesting stuff. In addition you can do criminal background checks on anyone you want using public records, not just yourself.