How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

You can make use of the same databases used by law enforcement agencies

Are you wondering whether you’ve made the right choice with your latest boyfriend or girlfriend? How do you know if they’re telling you the truth or not, especially about being married?

Even if it doesn’t bother you that your new love is cheating on someone to be with you I think that you deserve to know exactly what the situation is. After all, if they can lie to you about their married status then they can lie to you about anything can’t they? Find out if someone is married now before things start to get serious.

It’s never been easier for you to access the same awesome databases that are used by government law enforcement agencies. You can do background checks on just about anyone you want including yourself. It’s so easy that even I can do it so I know that you can.

Ask him or her if they are married or not

It might sound obvious but a lot of people would not do this. Simply ask them if they are married or divorced. You can also ask them if they are in a relationship, not necessarily married. If they are honest they will tell you the truth and the skeletons can be thrown out of the closet. But how do you know that they are being honest with you?

Listen carefully to what he or she tells you and look for things that don’t add up. It’s very difficult to keep a complicated lie going and it’s easy to make mistakes. Does his story make sense? Does he go away on mysterious business trips without giving details etc? You only need to catch him out with one lie to cast doubt on everything else he tells you. If this happens then you should confront him immediately. Walk away if you don’t get a good answer.

Do some detective work

If you have an idea of the area where someone might have been married then you can contact to the local records offices in that area and ask for marriage records. But what if you don’t know where they came from? Or you can’t trust what you’ve been told? Even if you do there’s no guarantee that he was married there. So how do you find out if someone is married when you don’t even know where they come from?

The easy way to find out if someone is married

Until very recently searching for information such as marriage records was reserved solely for the law enforcement agencies. Through the awsome power of the Internet these same databases are now available to everyone and made easily accessible through very affordable software. Not only can you find out whether they are married but whether they have a criminal record or have been arrested, when and where they were born, whether they have been declared bankrupt and many, many other background checks. A small investment to gain access to all this information can save you from making a big mistake.