How To Do A Background Check On Your Boyfriend

Doing a background check on your boyfriend can be easier than you think

Is everything ok with you and your boyfriend? How much do you really know about him? Why don’t you do yourself a favor and get a confidential background check done on him before your relationship goes any further. A simple and easy to do online background check can quickly show you if there are any available public records on him. You might find criminal records or arrest warrants or worse but more likely you will find that your boyfriend is exactly what he seems to be and there are no bad things to find. This will put your mind at rest.

First steps in checking out your boyfriend

Before you rush to a private investigator or an online public records database you should do a little probing of your boyfriend by asking him some questions. Ask him about anything you can think of like where does he live, how long has he lived there, where did he live before, where does he work, how long has he worked there etc.

Be subtle in your questioning and be interested in what he has to say. It will make it easier for him to talk if he doesn’t feel as if he’s been interrogated.

Talk to his friends and family too and make mental notes of what they tell you. Look for any inconsistencies in the stories that they all tell you. If your boyfriend is being open and truthful with you then there won’t be any inconsistencies.

The traditional method – Hire a private detective

The traditional way to get a background check done on someone is to hire a private detective (PI) to dig up the information for you. This is an effective method and if you use a good PI they can be very thorough with their investigations.

Hiring a private detective can be very expensive because you are paying for the PI’s time to do the work for you. You will also have the same expense the next time you want to check someone out.

Do background checks yourself using online public records databases

If you can’t afford to employ someone to do all your background checks for you how about using online background check web sites instead. There is a huge amount of information freely available to you in public records if you know where to go and how to access it.

Once you have the information you can compare it with the story that your boyfriend told you. If it matches and your background searches didn’t find any criminal records, arrest warrants, bankruptcies or anything else that might be a problem then you are good to go.