Absolutely Free Background Checks and Nearly Free Background Checks

How to get good value for money background checks on people

Have you tried to get an absolutely free background check done on someone but could’t find a totally cost free public records source? Yes I’ve tried and failed too. There are plenty of web sites that offer background checks and some of them even claim to be free. When it comes down to it though, you find that you have to pay something to get any useful information about people. I settled for a solution that provides great value for money and this is how you can do it too.

Most of the web sites that offer background checks on people ask you to pay for every search that you perform. The way that they typically work is that you pay a fee to register on the site. The fee that you pay can then be used towards the records searches that the site offers. The amount that you paid determines how many searches that you can do and when it’s all gone you have to pay more.

The problem with using pay-as-you-go search public records web sites

Once you discover how powerful a public records database web site can be you will be in danger of getting hooked on doing background checks on people. It’s fun looking up information on people and once you start it’s difficult to stop. I found this when I looked up my old friend. To start with I used the wrong name. I was looking for Phil when his name was Philip but the searches were quick and I found him in no time. I did a background check then a criminal records check then an arrest warrant check and a prison inmate check just to be on the safe side.

I was having so much fun – I started to check out his relatives and neighbors from information found in my friends background check records. You don’t have to stop there though. Why not do checks on your friends and neighbors and your hired help and your dates of course.

When you are having fun you can do an awful lot of searches in no time at all so you want to avoid using web sites that charge you for each search that you do. Instead use a web site that allows unlimited public records searches for no extra charge and have as much fun as you want to.

How to have fun looking up background information on people

When you join a public records membership site you get to do an unlimited amount of absolutely free background checks. You can check out anyone you want, anytime you want and as often as you want. You can find your old friends, check out all your neighbors. Make sure that your hired help don’t have criminal records, make sure that your date isn’t married and much more. This is a weapon that you can’t afford to be without.