How Do I Find Out If Someone is Married? 4 Ways To Find Out Married Status

Is your boyfriend married? Does your girlfriend have a husband

I’m going to give you 4 simple ways to answer the “how do I find out if someone is married” question. They are all effective but if you want to get some answers quickly or you want to verify what your feelings are telling you then go straight to the “marriage detector 4” method below.

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New relationships are great aren’t they? It’s exciting and fresh. The feeling that you get with that first kiss is so incredibly good that you want it to last forever. You get so emotionally invested in your new lover that you exclude everything else. Very often that means throwing caution to the wind and diving straight in with both feet without a care for the consequences.

Well what if this new lover of yours has a criminal record or is married? I’m going to urge you now to think about that while I give you a few simple ways that you can use to find out if someone is married.

Marriage detector 1: Ask his or her friends

If you have mutual friends then this is a simple enough thing to do. Most people will be honest with you if they think that you might be putting yourself in the way of any potential hurt so it does no harm to ask. If you don’t have any mutual friends to begin with then make a point of arranging a get-together of some kind with your friends and his. If you want to get serious with someone then it makes a lot of sense to start getting to know each others circle of friends.

Marriage detector 2: Ask your new boyfriend or girlfriend if they are married

This is even easier than the first one but you might not have asked the question because you just assume that your date is single right? Well go ahead and ask it. Come straight out with it and ask “Are you married”

If he’s married and being honest then he will tell you but he may just give the the “No of course not…” answer. If this is the case then you need to pay close attention to the way he says it. If it’s said without eye contact or your date looks a little uneasy or shifty then you might have cause for concern.

Marriage detector 3: Use the human lie detector test

Don’t worry – I don’t mean that you should insist on hooking your date up to a polygraph machine. You can so a simple lie detection test yourself. It takes a bit longer to get results but it can be just as effective.

This is something that needs to be done over a period of time but it is simple and straightforward when you use the system. All you have to do is ask questions. Simple questions like where do you live, where do you work? what is your telephone number? where were you born? how old are you? All the sorts of things that you would be talking about anyway right?

The trick is in remembering the answers that you are given. Write them down when you are alone if you need to. Then over the course of the next few dates, meetings and online chats that you have, make sure that you ask the same questions but in a slightly different way – What’s your address? what do you do for a living? What’s your phone number again? Where did you grow up? What’s your date of birth.

Now you can compare these answers with the answers you got previously. If they don’t match then ask why. You see, you have to be a very good liar to give the same consistent answers over a long time period of time because it’s hard to remember what the lies were if they aren’t actually true. If you don’t get satisfactory answers to any inconsistencies then start getting just a little bit worried.

Marriage detector 4: Do a background check using free public records

If you want a fast answer to whether your date is married or not then just do a background check on him or her using a public records web site. You can find out not only if someone is married but also if they have criminal records or arrest warrants or have been made bankrupt. In fact you can find out a great deal of information about practically anyone using such web sites.

Do it right now. Use my other methods too because they can be fun but don’t miss out on doing an online background check on anyone you date or deal with.